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Blogger Flash Search!

Blogger Flash Search!

saussisl has added a photo to the pool:

Blogger Flash Search!

Blogger Flash Search!
Saussi is looking for new bloggers who have quality and dedication to their blog, who have at least 1000 followers and good movement on flickr, if you fit these requirements we would love for you to join us, only sign up if you agree with the rules.

1 – pay attention to the news published on blogotex, they will always contain important messages.

2 – We only ask for 2 items per month, always opt for new releases, Old items can be blogged but they are not included in the monthly count, only in the absence of new items that we will accept posts with old items in the monthly count.

3 – in case of a rejected post, please don’t take it personally, we just want you to do your best, we just ask that you retake the photo or correct any incorrect information about the product.

4 – Please only take what you blog, after picking up the item you will have 7 days to post it, otherwise your account may be suspended and we will decide whether we will reactivate it or not.

5 – Whenever you pick up a product from us, it will have the acronym ::SS:: or ::GC:: both are Saussi products, we ask that when posting our items, use the full name of the store "Saussi" and not the acronyms, so that can make it easier for our customers to find our products, posts without the correct store name will be rejected.

6 – Please don’t forget to tag Saussi and Lunna Weissy in your facebook, flickr or instagram posts.

7 – Publish your posts in our flickr group (only photos containing Saussi items).

8 – Be creative and have fun.

9 – In case of doubt, you can contact me lunnaswann or kathot.

The application for Bloggers is Via Blogotex.

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