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BLE Mila Gift Shape Genus & Meshbody Classic

BLE Mila Gift Shape Genus & Meshbody Classic

Aesthetic Shape has added a photo to the pool:

BLE Mila Gift Shape Genus & Meshbody Classic


Style Card with LM
Genus Gift Head
Eyebrows Shape

☑ Copy
☑ Modifiable
☐ Transfer

* You can Modify this shape
* No demos
* No refunds
* Head, skin and body is not included.
* Make sure your head & skin is the one listed in the style card for the correct look

Please keep in mind that the skin/shape might look different on you depending windlight, quality settings and position/animations.

Windligh CalWL Light

Please, contact MyAnotherLife resident in world if you have any issues with your purchase.
If IM online I can show you how it looks. =)

Important – If you like this, do a review to help me, I will be very grateful.

Thank you, enjoy your purchase and new style!


Free in the World = 0L$…

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