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BLACK NEST / Pulma Chill Collection @Equal10

BLACK NEST / Pulma Chill Collection @Equal10

BLACK NEST has added a photo to the pool:

BLACK NEST / Pulma Chill Collection @Equal10

A furniture set designed for the ultimate gaming and relaxation experience, blending comfort, style, and a touch of vaporwave aesthetics.

Enjoy your time with this foldable lazy sofa that will fit in any corner of your room with a HUD that includes 8 different options (4 colorful, 4 leather) and it’s filled with fun animations.

Complementing this set you can find a Neon Bonsai decor piece with a cheerful cereal bowl and a mug that’s totally holdable!

To complete the 80s ambiance, get this Synthwave inspired neon for your walls!

All together can be found at this round of Equal10.

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