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Black Lotus @Wasteland – Cali bikini // GIVEAWAY!

Black Lotus @Wasteland - Cali bikini // GIVEAWAY!

Yannomi has added a photo to the pool:

Black Lotus @Wasteland - Cali bikini // GIVEAWAY!

For upcoming Wasteland round – we got 3rd bikini/lingerie set – this time with metal cross accent. It can be also hidden : ) – and as usuall – 8 metal colors.

Bikini comes in 26 colors (some are fatpack exclusive). Fatpack also comes with mix and match HUD – where You can pick different color for strings and for main part of bikinis.

Rigged for:
TOPS: Legacy, Perky, Bombshell, eBody, Waifu, LaraX

BOTTOMS: Legacy, eBody, JuicyRolls, LaraX

Want get both (top and undies) FATPACKS for FREE?
Be sure to:
– follow us
– comment your inworld username below

Winners: soon

Winners will be announced on 28th!

Available at Wasteland Event – opens 30th!

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