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BENTO AO Casual Dude. 400L!

BENTO AO Casual Dude. 400L!

Eat Me Store has added a photo to the pool:

BENTO AO Casual Dude. 400L!

*EAT ME* Is happy to introduce our new bento male AO "Casual Dude" this chill and relaxed AO is made for any outgoing and chill men, the kind you can always hang around with and have a good time!

This particular AO comes with:
– A total of 47 animations
– 8 Walks
– 13 Stands
– 3 Sit
– 3 Ground Sit
– Turning Animations
– Jump, Prejump and landing animations
– Flight and hover animations
– Swimming animations
– Typing Animation

You can check the demos in our store.


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