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Barley – Mexico – Lantern @Belle

Barley - Mexico - Lantern @Belle

John Barley SL has added a photo to the pool:

Barley - Mexico - Lantern @Belle

The Mexico Lantern and Butterfly Decor are a new release for Belle

¡Qué gran día es! Join us for a little jaunt to Mexicali! Barley’s Lantern and Butterfly Decor gives an artistic nod to our neighbors in the sun filled south, Mexico! The Lantern is available in 3 versions; dark, weathered, and acajou and each comes with copper, gold, and silver options. The Butterfly Decor has the options of copper, gold, and silver with a land impact value of 2 Li. Lantern has a land impact value of 1 Li.

Belle runs from March. 20th to April 16th
TAXI to Belle:

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