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Barbie Lashes

Barbie Lashes

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Barbie Lashes

Hello, Beauties!
For SLEPT ON SALES Weekend Sale Event’s special anniversary this week, we will bring you a super fabulous Barbie look!
Barbie Make-up Set will make you the prettiest Barbie in the Barbie world! ❤️

Barbie make-up set series come in eyeshadow and lashes.
Our special make-up set that gives a bigger eyes effect on your eyes!

Barbie Lashes includes 6 styles of lashes. Each style can be worn only the upper or the bottom lashes. It’s also tintable, so you can make it as you like!
Barbie Eyeshadow & Barbie Lashes are made to complement each other look. So, make sure you get Barbie Eyeshadow too! ♥

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