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Banquet Triclinium

Banquet Triclinium

Del-ka Aedilis has added a photo to the pool:

Banquet Triclinium

Teleport to Del-ka Aedilis Themed Shop @ Fantasy Faire, April 21 – May 8…

The Banquet Triclinium is the perfect piece of furniture for any Roman themed role-playing in Second Life. It fits ideally in the large hall of our Villa Rustica, where you can invite people to festive banquets and celebrations.

Up to 9 guests can lie comfortably on the arrangement shown, extensions with additional recline elements are possible. Each recline element has only 3LI. The package includes the matching tables as shown in the picture.

The animations are PG and partly self-created so that they really fit the piece of furniture and the role play.

Original Mesh, materials enabled, copy, mod, no trans

PG animations and props

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