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*B.D.R.* Weekend Sales!

*B.D.R.* Weekend Sales!

Cameron Vasiliov has added a photo to the pool:

*B.D.R.* Weekend Sales!

Weekend sales are out now! and this weekend we have a new summer release! | June 23rd to 26th.
★ Taxi:…

MIIX Weekend (77L) | New Release
Dasha -Swimsuit-: Compatible with Maitreya, Legacy+Perky, Kupra, Reborn, Erika.
HUD Texture Options Swimsuit, bow, ruffle.
● x 15 Patterns
● x 15 Matching solid colors
● x 10 Metals + 15 Matching colors
– Straps can be shown/hidden via HUD
– Transparency Settings (optional)

Kinky 69 (69L) | Past Release
Selma -Bikini & Skirt-: Compatible with Maitreya, Legacy, Kupra, Reborn, Slink HG, Belleza Freya.
HUD Texture Options Top, panty, skirt.
● x 10 Patterns
● x 10 Matching solid colors
– Skirt can be worn separately.

Don’t forget to try demo!

★ Styling card in our Blog
★ Visit *B.D.R.*


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