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*B.D.R.* Soraya & Anais

*B.D.R.* Soraya & Anais

Cameron Vasiliov has added a photo to the pool:

*B.D.R.* Soraya & Anais

New @ Whore Couture Event | March 1st to 31st.
Adult sim:…

WCF is celebrating their 10th year anniversary and this time we have a new release and 10L Gift (Note: pretty much every single store has a 10L gift next to their booth!!)

Soraya -Outfit-
Compatible with Maitreya Lara+Petite, Legacy, Slink Hourglass, Kupra (Orig.+Bimbo), eBODY Reborn.

HUD Texture Options
● x 5 Fishnet
● x 5 Lace
● x 5 Ripped fishnet
● x 5 Mixes

Anais -Bra- (10L Gift)
Compatible with Maitreya Lara+Petite, Legacy+Perky, Belleza Freya, Slink Hourglass, Kupra+Kups, eBODY Curvy, Tonic Curvy, Altamura

HUD Texture Options
● x 10 colors (Latex)

Please try demos before buying.

★ Styling card in our Blog
★ Visit *B.D.R.*


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