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AvLove Momma Persephone

AvLove Momma Persephone

Carrie Tatsu // Zooby has added a photo to the pool:

AvLove Momma Persephone


♥ MOMMA Includes:

– 1 ♥ MOMMA Mesh Body
– 1 ♥ MOMMA Hud
– Belly Transparent layer
– Skin Tattoos, Bikini
– Applier kit for Stockings and Nails

– Does NOT include a Mesh Head, but can be used with a Mesh Head of your choice.
– Is a Bento Female Mesh Body that includes the ability to have a (shared) pregnancy experience.
– Uses BOM (Bakes on Mesh) layers.
– Does NOT have alpha cuts.
– 1 Egg is required to start each pregnancy term & may be purchased in the pregnancy store through the Hud.

TP to Zoobyville to get yours

– Tutorial & informational videos about ♥ MOMMA may be found at:

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