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[AURO] Te Moana – HOPE – Box – Riptide

[AURO] Te Moana - HOPE - Box - Riptide

Lythi-SL has added a photo to the pool:

[AURO] Te Moana - HOPE - Box - Riptide

The second part of the "Seven Layers of Joy" Fantasy Faire quest is now open!

You can find this tail one of the many many many many prizes waiting for you at the end of the quest.

I just completed it myself, and I really love what they did this year for the quest. It was so wholesome and very sweet. The perfect levity needed for this year. ♥

You can find the quest HUD for sale in a Relay For Life vendor at any of the Fantasy Faire Junctions on every sim.

There are two versions. One regular with just the items needed for the hunt (and HUD ofc) and a second Deluxe edition with a quest outfit exclusive from Grasshopper St & Totally Tinies

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