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[AURO] Moon & Stars

[AURO] Moon & Stars

AuroSL has added a photo to the pool:

[AURO] Moon & Stars

Mesh Bracelet & Ring Set

✧ 100% originally crafted.
✧ Silver, Gold, Black & Mithril
✧ Materials enabled + Modify!
✧Comes with modding texture for moon.
✧ Hand painted + Custom materials
⤷ Available @ Midsummer Enchantment from June 22nduntil July 7th
Event TP :

It’s mod for easy resize! Also because if you’d like to add your own RLV script system.

;-; its my first ever mesh release.

There is a demo at my booth to view. ♥

…also sorry if they are large when putting them on, I did size them on my body (Kario Flex) lol.


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