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AsteroidBox. Obsidian Boots – Update!

AsteroidBox. Obsidian Boots - Update!

AsteroidBox – LeithDrew Resident has added a photo to the pool:

AsteroidBox. Obsidian Boots - Update!

The Obsidian Boots have received a huge update, with some parts remeshed, entirely new textures all over and now with more body options included than before!

If you already own the original version of the Obsidian Boots, you are able to use the Redelivery terminal at the AsteroidBox mainstore location, available at the front desk, to receive a free update to this newest version.

For those who don’t own the Obsidian Boots, they are currently on sale for L$75 for this weeks Saturday Sale, also at the AsteroidBox mainstore location.

Full info and previews are available on the blog here

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