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//Ascend// Clark Aged Blazer.

//Ascend// Clark Aged Blazer.

AscendSL has added a photo to the pool:

//Ascend// Clark Aged Blazer.

A brand new blazer has arrived at TMD from Ascend. We would like for you to meet the Clark Aged Blazer.

☛ Introducing the Clark Aged Blazer:
– Fits: Belleza’s Jake, Legacy and Signature Gianni.
– Fatpack available, fatpack comes with interactive HUD.
– Fatpack comes with two HUDs, one for the Blazer and one for the add-on. Blazer HUD comes with 12 colors. Add-on HUD has options for the shirt (8 colors) and the vest (12 colors).
– Comes with BoM Alphas.
– There is 12 single packs available.
– Single packs come with add-on HUD to change colors of shirt and the vest. Shirt has 8 colors and the vest has 12 colors.
– Comes with BoM Alphas.
– Jacket can be worn on its own without the vest and shirt.

☛ Please try a demo before purchasing.

Visit the event.

☛ Don’t forget to wear your group tag to receive discount!

☛ Style Notes:
//Ascend// Tyler Pleated Pants.

Visit the store.

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