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Applications open – The Beehive Event

Applications open - The Beehive Event

Kieran Stephens has added a photo to the pool:

Applications open - The Beehive Event

I’m sure you know by now about our BEEHIVE EVENT. We’ve still got vendor spaces left, and we’re still rocking and rolling through. The event is a GENERAL EVENT, but with an emphasis on being LBGTQIA+ friendly. We’d love for vendors to give a gift of under 50L during the event but no rush we know everyone is packed. We’d also love to mention : NO EXCLUSIVES ARE REQUIRED.

If you want information please head to the website here:
Our discord is here:
Our offices are here:

And keep applying , we’ll accept members for the JULY AND AUGUST ROUNDS if we run out of space!

Questions or concerns? or <3

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