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ALBA – Ahnelo Tattoos Bundle (+ updates)

ALBA - Ahnelo Tattoos Bundle (+ updates)

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ALBA - Ahnelo Tattoos Bundle (+ updates)

Hi guys!

Super happy to release my latest tattoo set! This is Ahnelo, ready to be used in full or as singles. Hope you love it ♥

Also, I made some updates, each unpacker for the tattoo bundles have now a reference image in the folder, so you guys know where all the tattoos are placed for better customization, it’s much easier to just open the image in the folder. So please do a redelivery for both Marketplace and Mainstore (click the PC screen in front desk) or message me for one at kaiasalvat Resident, would be happy to send it.

• Includes:

– BoM Full Body Tattoo Set
– BoM 15 Individual Tattoos (All listed in the AD Image)

These are all “Faded”, but if you want a more “Fresh” look, please duplicate the Tattoo layer and wear the two.

Optimized for Maitreya and Legacy Female. – It can be used in others bodies, including male, but results may vary so use at your own discretion.

• Reference Image:

• Find them at:

ALBA Mainstore – (Search for ALBA in "Places" inworld) – With a special discounted price!
ALBA Marketplace – (Search for ALBA Store)

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