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Air, composition one for SL21B

Air, composition one for SL21B

Richard de Grataine, blogger has added a photo to the pool:

Air, composition one for SL21B

Suoh Elements @ SL21B event (coming soon)

This ensemble is a masterpiece that captures the essence of air and movement in its futuristic design. Pure white dominates the palette, evoking a sense of freshness and lightness. A vest and straight pants constitute the main part, with a silhouette that flows and moves with each step of the model, simulating the gentle dance of the air. The design features simple and clear lines that form the ensemble fluidly, creating a visual harmony that is both modern and ethereal. The cut and front closure of the vest add dynamism and a touch of innovation to the outfit. Minimal and polished details, such as almost invisible seams and hidden closures, keep the focus on the form and flow of the ensemble.

The style card and credits here

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