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.Advent Calendar 2021. from .Princess Stuff.! <3

.Advent Calendar 2021. from .Princess Stuff.! <3

Catherine Cloud has added a photo to the pool:

.Advent Calendar 2021. from .Princess Stuff.! <3

The Advent Calendar is set on Group!

[Fee is one Time to pay 88L]

All Groupgifts – Groupevents – Group Lucky Letter will then be open for you and are Free for you as a Groupmember! Including the Advent Calendar Gifts!

What will be in it 2021?

Much more Gifts then 24.

In more then 18 Boxes are 2 Gifts inside.

The Gifts will be all from the Current Collection!

I did a lot Gifts – just for the Calendar!

As you know, my focus is more on Fashion for Women,

so i put a lot of “unisex” Decor, Home & Garden as the Second Gift in the Boxes.

If you check out the Poster – you can see already a bit of a “Sneek Peek” of the Gifts!

The Boxes for each day are all over the Mainstore – also in the Home and Garden Aerea – so please just use the Teleporter.

Each Box – each Day will be open for 24h. Not Longer!

Then the next Day starts – with the next Gifts!



Catherine Cloud <3

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