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#ADORED @ madpea’s green mire hunt

#ADORED @ madpea's green mire hunt

ampersand artful has added a photo to the pool:

#ADORED @ madpea's green mire hunt

new eyeshadows & tattoos from #ADORED @ madpea’s green mire adventure & hunt, open november 17th, 12 pm slt – january 19th, 11:59 am slt:

"two boys have been missing for ten years, they vanished into the swap, without a trace. now strange lights & sounds have been observed over the green mire swamp, and the believers call out that aliens are returning while others are skeptical…"

choose your stance as a true believer or a skeptical journalist and uncover the story behind the green mire, collecting awesome prizes along the way!

• get beamed up with x-tatts & x shadows! x-tatts come in 2 chest tatts (with L+R styles) and 1 back tatt with fresh, faded & xtra faded versions.
• the area 69 edition of the x shadows feature a fun sparkle in 4 out of this world shades of green.
• x-tatts are only available in bakes on mesh system layers. x shadows include catwa, genus & lelutka appliers + bakes on mesh system layers. come try a demo!

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