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Adora-tions – New Event – Sense Event!

Adora-tions - New Event - Sense Event!

Adora Evergarden has added a photo to the pool:

Adora-tions - New Event - Sense Event!

We’ve been freshly accepted into two events and we’re proud to reveal what we’ve whipped up for them! Our first new appearance is with the Sense Event!

With the Sense Event, two new tattoos join our ranks – Brat Mode Loading and Nymph, two options on the chest. Brat Mode Loading includes a second variant in the same place.

We hope to see our amazing supporters show this event some love when it opens on the 18th as I know we’ve personally paid many a visits here. Follow the taxi below, it should highlight exactly where our vendor is.

Sense Event – Adora-tions Vendor

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