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Adora-tions – Back for Hot Weekend Anniversary!

Adora-tions - Back for Hot Weekend Anniversary!

Adora Evergarden has added a photo to the pool:

Adora-tions - Back for Hot Weekend Anniversary!

This weekend also happens to be Hot Weekend’s 1st Anniversary Sale!! In honor of them we will have a new gift hidden in the main store somewhere. Look for the flame to find it. First, we add Bitch to our thigh mixers. The Season 2 is slowly winding down and when I tell you that season 3 is going to be huge – that’s an understatement. We have a Sex Robot barcode as our second item. If you look around, too, you might find our gift with one of our furry friends, the Horned God tattoo for the back.

!MP Links!
Bitch Thigh Mixer(Left)
Sex Robot Barcode
Hroned God gift

Taxi: Adora-tions Ink Studio Inworld!

In-world prices are reduced compared to marketplace. You will also receive accumulating store credit for in-world purchases.

All tattoos are created by Princess Evergarden but any questions or concerns should be directed to Cole Evergarden.

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