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Abby Set @The Arcade December

Abby Set @The Arcade December

Johnny Pérez [E. Vary / Mangula] has added a photo to the pool:

Abby Set @The Arcade December

Hello girls ♥ the time for the new releases has finally arrived! The Arcade is now open, and the new set is waiting for you ♥

Fitted for: • Lara • Freya • Legacy • Hourglass • Curvy

This set includes a corset with optional pantie, rare gloves, a rare flower belt, fur stole and short booties with optional socks and rare flowers, the available porridge comes in leather and velvet are 24 common and 8 rare.

Mega Pach HUD: this hud includes all common colors plus 10 colors in cute and delicate patterns as a bonus, you can combine all its parts so if you win it you won’t need to play anymore.

Like, comment your name inworld and share with your friends to win 1 of 5 MEGA PACK in the next 12 hrs luck ♥

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