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[777] Dreamer – lite version

[777] Dreamer - lite version

James Garrison (777 Motors) has added a photo to the pool:

[777] Dreamer - lite version

✨[777] Dreamer – Everything you need for your trip!✨

Available @ Shiny Shabby:
(7 lite versions available)

?Fully ACSv7 scripted, realistic sounds, parking animations, customizable license plate
?Color change options with 30+ presets & add your own custom choices

? Dispenser gives BENTO food & drink on TOUCH
? Interior: Web browser, mini bookshelf, backseat bed with other props
? Tent – 14 Cuddle Animations – 20LI
? Blanket (on bed or/and on top) – 18 cuddle animations – 2LI
? Scripted campfire touch to turn on off
All animations are high quality and fit either MF, MM or FF!

Many more features! Please check out DEMO inworld:

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