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24H ‘Trick or Treat’ HUNT Reward @Panic of Pumpkin

24H 'Trick or Treat' HUNT Reward @Panic of Pumpkin

SEKA (nivea.vuckovic) has added a photo to the pool:

24H 'Trick or Treat' HUNT Reward @Panic of Pumpkin

START -> October 16th 8am (SLT)

Panic of Pumpkin is about to OPEN but before we get to see all the new Halloween goodies, there is a chance to grab some Freebies as well!
All you have to do is:

1. knock on the doors
2. say ”TRICK or TREAT”
3. pray to RNG Gods xD

The mini Event runs for 24 Hours ONLY, hopefully you get to grab many of the cool Freebies

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