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Introducing the Chase Vendor: Now available for store owner, the Chase Vendor revolutionizes renting in the retail space on Secondlife. Whether you’re selling furniture, food, clothing, accessories, or anything else, you can now offer your items for rent.

You have the flexibility to choose which items to make available for rent, empowering your customers to experience your products in a whole new way. Why limit them to just buying when they can rent their favorite items at a fraction of the cost?

This innovative system addresses the common issue of items being used only once or a few times after purchase. Why commit to buying something outright when you can rent it and return (delete) it once you’re done?

But that’s not all—my favorite addition is the unique membership XP system. With each rental or purchase, customers earn XP points, propelling them towards desired membership tiers: bronze, silver, and gold. These tiers unlock exclusive perks and rewards, encouraging continued engagement and fostering a sense of community within your store .

But wait, there’s more! The Chase Vendor offers seamless integration of store credit/rental credit, allowing customers to apply their credits towards rentals, fostering repeat business and enhancing customer satisfaction.
Plus, you can designate managers to your store owner account, empowering them to assist you in navigating and ensuring smooth operations. And it doesn’t stop there! Stay tuned for even more features and future upgrades coming soon.

The is just the beginning of the Chase Vendor. Ready to experience the future of retail? Visit my Main Store, Chaseabag, and discover the endless possibilities. Look for the Chase Vendor Registry at the two desktops, or reach out to me via DM at @kalliesejour or @chasearental on instagram or @Kalliesejour on Facebook for assistance. Get ready to elevate your store experience!


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