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1/4 Sim landscape "Adventure" (Island for 128×128 land size or skybox): Leo Designs store (Second Life)

1/4 Sim landscape "Adventure" (Island for 128x128 land size or skybox): Leo Designs store (Second Life)

Leo Designs | SL store has added a photo to the pool:

1/4 Sim landscape "Adventure" (Island for 128x128 land size or skybox): Leo Designs store (Second Life)

SL Marketplace
Art presentation of the 1/4 Sim landscape "Adventure"
Mainstore for 64×64 land size Islands

Adventure landscape – for real explorers and builders, there are long paths that lead to 3 flat areas for your construction, and to a small lake.

There are 64 textures used for Island ground, so you get excellent texture quality. Textures are not blurred when camera zooming in look natural!

Rezzer of Island now has the option of changing the seasons, as well as the Access option and several others.

– for those who do not know how to do terraforming
– for builders
– to build skybox

In the package you will have:

1) Adventure Island 128×128 rezzer (128x128x26metres, 458 LI)
2) Extra 3D: stoun (6x6x5 metres, 6 LI)

Island item contains rezzer – please follow the instruction
1. Place rezzer object on ground or sky platform (DO NOT OPEN THE BOX)
2. Fly up for a few metres (this is necessary so as not to collide with the physical model of the island during rezzing).
3. Click rezzer BOX and chose from menu REZ
4. Move rezzer BOX, and Island will be moved with it. When you will place your Island at correct place, you can change a season and hide rezzer box (look options button).

• Island permissions: Copy, Modify
• 100% Original mesh items. Mesh enabled viewer required.
Please note, like all mesh products increasing the size of this model can change the land impact.

Attention! The Island are sold without other vegetation and objects on it!

If you will have a questions, you can write me via notecard and/or message (katoyouji resident) and I will be happy to help you!

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