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🎃Coming Today – Limited Edition Time: Zoe & Giveaway!🎃

🎃Coming Today - Limited Edition Time: Zoe & Giveaway!🎃

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🎃Coming Today - Limited Edition Time: Zoe & Giveaway!🎃

🔥Giveaway🔥: 5 will win both Zoe Limited Editions. If you already own last years, you can gift to a friend. Love, Comment, Share to be entered!

We are continuing the spooky season with a new limited edition of Zoe! This outfit is perfect for this month!

We have a NEW Zoe limited edition with new skirt & sweater colors! There are 10 new colors and each will be sold in an mini pack, full pack, OR the complete pack with both the sweater & skirt! The skirt also includes color change panty & fishnets!

☠️Mini Pack = 5 colors: L$150
☠️Full Pack = 10 colors: L$249
☠️Complete Pack = Sweater & Skirt Full Pack: L$449

Last year’s Halloween limited edition is also making a comeback with an update for Kupra and ONLY L$349 for the complete pack!

See you later today!

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