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♥ MOMMA Persephone and Zooby Animesh Newborn

♥ MOMMA Persephone and Zooby Animesh Newborn

Carrie Tatsu // Zooby has added a photo to the pool:

♥ MOMMA Persephone and Zooby Animesh Newborn

Welcome to the joys of Motherhood! You made it! Can you believe it? Whoa, Momma. You’re a rock star!

– Your belly will be in the deflating stage after giving birth. Deflating lasts for 3 days. Use the Exercise mat from pregnancy store to deflate faster.

Ready to experience the most realistic pregnancy and birthing process in SL?
TP to Zoobyville to get your ♥ MOMMA Persephone Mesh Body

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