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♥♥Aqua Kisses♥♥ Candy Corset Piercing – Dancer Edition

♥♥Aqua Kisses♥♥ Candy Corset Piercing - Dancer Edition

♥Aqua Kisses | Aquamarine Sparta has added a photo to the pool:

♥♥Aqua Kisses♥♥ Candy Corset Piercing - Dancer Edition

♥♥ Candy Corset Piercing – Dancer Edition ♥♥

★ 4 Design Options
● "Boy Candy"
● "Sexy Babe"
● "Dancing Queen"
● No Label (Clear)

★ All in 4 Colors
● Red
● Black
● Pink
● White

Buyer receives each Corset in four different colors and also option of no label at all (Clear). All controlled via applier huds or BoM Layers.

I designed these with focus towards club dancers (strippers) but really anyone can wear and enjoy them.

✔ Applier huds – Omega / Maitreya / Belleza
✔ System Layers for Classic Avatar & BoM (Bakes on Mesh).

✿ Contents

● Maitreya Applier Hud
● Belleza Applier Hud
● Omega Applier Hud
● Tattoo Layers [BoM]

★ Original product designed and created by Aqua Frostbite.

Sorry guys i can’t include link to mp. Flickr is getting very strict on this & sometimes suspending accounts for it. I don’t wish to lose my account sorry.

You can find it by search my mp store "Aqua Kisses" with title name "Candy Corset Piercing"

If you purchase and like it then plz consider leaving a review it helps my store a lot.

Thank you, kisses 💋

Aquamarine ♥

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