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♥♥Aqua Kisses♥♥ Breathless Bodysuitc FATPACK

♥♥Aqua Kisses♥♥ Breathless Bodysuitc FATPACK

♥Aqua Kisses | Aquamarine Sparta has added a photo to the pool:

♥♥Aqua Kisses♥♥ Breathless Bodysuitc FATPACK

Bom (Bakes on Mesh) ✔
Appliers ✔

★ FATPACK 7 Colors
● Red
● Black
● Pink
● White
● Azure
● Hot Pink
● Baby Pink

2 Exposure Options Controlled Via Appliers & BoM (Bakes on Mesh).

✔ Applier huds – Omega / Maitreya / Belleza
✔ System Layers for Classic Avatar & BoM (Bakes on Mesh).

★ Original product designed and created by Aqua Frostbite.

✿ Contents

● Maitreya Applier Hud
● Belleza Applier Hud
● Omega Applier Hud
● Tattoo Layers [BoM]

Sorry no Mp link. Flickr are terminating accounts for including Mp links, i won’t risk lose my account. Please find it by search my mp store "Aqua Kisses" with title name "Breathless".

Extra Photos can be found on MP Listing.

If you purchase and are happy with your purchase then please consider leaving a review it helps my store a lot.

Thank you 💋

Aquamarine ♥

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