Second Life News August 7, 2021 by

Search for survivors on the red planet

Richard de Grataine, blogger has added a photo to the pool: The Wastelands Land Mark The style card and credits here Source link

Second Life News June 21, 2020 by

Skellybones – Survivor’s Cutlery – Post-Apoc Machete @ Aenigma

Skellybones_Store has added a photo to the pool: The Survivor’s Cutlery Post-Apoc Machete comes with 6 poses (menu driven). It includes a bloody version of the weapon as well as a clean one. Exclusive @ Aenigma – opens June 23rd! […]

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Survivors of Suicide Exclusive!

Eliih1994 Resident has added a photo to the pool: These, along with a few older items, are now available at the Survivors of Suicide Christmas Fair 2019. The proceeds are donated to the SoS sim, to keep it alive and […]