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SEKA’s "MAD Zuzu" @MenOnlyMonthly

SEKA's "MAD Zuzu" @MenOnlyMonthly

SEKA (nivea.vuckovic) has added a photo to the pool:

SEKA's "MAD Zuzu" @MenOnlyMonthly

I mean baddie version had to happen! 😈
Something for da boys (and brave badass ladies too ofc if they are so inclined) to get a bit more MAD
And since some of you would like to have more freedom with modifying and personalizing your goodies, I’m making 2 PACKS

– 3 hold poses Left/Right (2 male,1 unisex)
– Color HUD to mix and match (5 colors for gun/skull/dices)
– Materials
– no Mod / with Resize

everything from the Standard pack
bonus HUD with extra textures and more parts to change (knife, spikes), also both huds can be used at the same time
MODIFY ! Tint it, glow it, theres bunch of parts and faces to play with

Zuzu waits at the new round of @Men Only Monthly Event (starting Feb 20th) for all brave enough to carry it around

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