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Mangula New Wip ♥ @C88 February

Mangula New Wip ♥ @C88 February

Johnny Pérez [E. Vary / Mangula] has added a photo to the pool:

Mangula New Wip ♥ @C88 February

!A bomb! 🔥 For Mangula lovers, girls I have to be honest a few weeks ago a client tells me that she needs an elegant dress for a matron (forget her name) so I said well why don’t we do something different this time? I thought about making a set of elegant, casual and certainly very sexy style maybe I don’t know a great elegant suit but hell look at that I love it! ♥ and I hope you let me know what you think too?

Fittes for: • Lara • Freya • Legacy • Hourglass • Curvy

Like it, comment your name inworld and share it with your friends to win 6 MEGA PACK in the next few hours, follow me on #Facebook to have more chances to win, good luck! ♥

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