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MadPea’s Cupid Catastrophe: Cupid Conqueror’s HUD Package!

MadPea's Cupid Catastrophe: Cupid Conqueror's HUD Package!

MadPea Productions has added a photo to the pool:

MadPea's Cupid Catastrophe: Cupid Conqueror's HUD Package!

MadPea’s Cupid Conqueror’s HUD package is the top of the line in Cupid Hunting technology! Tons of extras at a nice small price!

For $500L, Hunters are not only receiving a HUD and a weapon, but a spare weapon, outfits, and a vehicle!

Yes, with this package you get the cute, adorable and ever so drive-able Heart Mobile, the sleek and powerful Dominator 2020, the sly swat of the Fool’s Flyswatter, a Cupid Hunting outfit, and the HUD that makes all the revenge against those stupid Cupids possible!

Don’t want all the bells and whistles? No worries! MadPea is also offering the basic Cupid Chaser’s HUD package for Only $100L!

Tapping a foot impatiently waiting for the Landmark to start the hunt? Sooooon….

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