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HEXtraordinary: Bouncy Roos @The ARCADE

HEXtraordinary: Bouncy Roos @The ARCADE

HEXtraordinary! has added a photo to the pool:

HEXtraordinary: Bouncy Roos @The ARCADE

Our new Bouncy Roos will be available at The Arcade Gacha Events on March 1st.

G’day Mate! We had a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock and came up with this super fun Bouncy Roos Gacha! Our new Bouncy Roos Gacha has 13 hopping marsupials that are sure to add some chaos to your day. Our RARE Giant Roo is a Mount and is equipped with a texture change HUD; you ride in it’s pouch!! The Rare Momma Roo is both a companion and wanderer! Let’s get hopping!

Arcade runs from March 1st to March 31st
ღ TAXI to the ARCADE:

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