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helel ( anxiety & sempiternal ) has added a photo to the pool:


take two of our beloved mystery boxes, we had.. ahem.. some minor complications with the abbreviation of the first name, thus we have rebranded to "helel’s apotheca"


helel’s apotheca is back for the dreaded season where most of us are reminded that chasing love is an endless marathon, and for some of us, a reminder that the marathon has already been completed, bringing you four different mystery boxes filled with themed surprises. whether you’re happily taken, looking for love, or looking to get away from love, there’s sure to be something to fulfill your needs.

please read the descriptions carefully before purchasing a box so you have an idea of what you might be getting. each box offers one decorative item of several pieces of clutter.

a little too much mystery? the left hand panels on the photo shows you just a small glimpse of what you can find in these boxes. enough to satiate that curiosity of yours?

cupid inc.
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