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[Dope+Mercy]Dope Lightbox_Group gift

[Dope+Mercy]Dope Lightbox_Group gift

The77sim3 [Dope+Mercy] has added a photo to the pool:

[Dope+Mercy]Dope Lightbox_Group gift

Dope+Mercy Main Store Opening Gift!!

[Dope+Mercy]Dope Lightbox

Touch to switch 3 textures.
Can also put your own picture.

Please write your favorite text on "Lightbox blank texture"
Location can refer to "Lightbox UV map"

Please put your picture first
Then delete the previous picture.
Please keep more than two pictures in Content.
Otherwise the script will fail.

Put your image in Content (hold more than two)
When touched it will change image .
Dope+Mercy Main Store

Group will start charging 100L after 3 days (still free now)

Please go to FB to watch the video demo

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