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~Body applier WIP~

~Body applier WIP~

xjoannep Resident has added a photo to the pool:

~Body applier WIP~

Feel free to invite me to groups I’m not in yet 🙂
– I delete awards, Rather have you just put a nice message 🙂

Finally, Finally FINALLY I can show you guys some legit WIP where I have ACTUAL facts about..
Because YES the body appliers are Fi-na-lly done.
I edited out the nipples & genitals to keep it PG, because you never know who creeps up on your ad :’)..

There will be 6 shades for now.. From Albino to African since I myself adore making darker skin shades. Those will be numbered #01 – #06.. I might make more shades in the future, and if there’s enough requests for them.

I can’t be more proud of the work I have delivered.. There has literally been anxiety, sweat & tears into this project.. (Not to mention the many times I was nearly throwing my Cintiq out)..
But it payed off 🙂

Keep in mind my #Projectskins isn’t done yet.. I still have lots to work on, a store to rebuild and one month of event rounds to wait out as I haven’t mentioned to them that I’m also going to bring skins on to market.. PLUS I already made all my event stuff. 🙂

♡♡A few (probably) Faq’s about the skins♡♡

♡Which appliers will be made?
Legacy, Belleza, Maitreya & Omega
Every applier purchased will also have a free BoM pack with it

♡Will there be skin add-ons?
Defenitely ! I am working on Mole appliers and there will be more options for breast appliers in the future 🙂

♡Will there also be chubby appliers?
That’s a project for the future I actually am planning on, but I will first have to see how people like those body skins.

♡When will you rebuild your store?
The end of this month, and midway trough march untill the 20th, however my "old" store will still be up so don’t worry about missing any releases 🙂

Do you have more questions? Feel free to ask them down below, I will try my best to answer them when I have the facts.. I don’t want to throw promises in I can’t make 🙂

Let me know what you think down below ! xxx

Commissions are open, send a IM to xjoannep Resident, or PM me on flickr.
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