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! A&D Clothing – DC Outfit -Luka-

! A&D Clothing - DC Outfit -Luka-

A&D Clothing has added a photo to the pool:

! A&D Clothing - DC Outfit -Luka-


We have styled 2 complete outfits for you. Grab your choice and …

…Just CLICK n WEAR it!

Taxi to: A&D Clothing Main Store !!!

☞ Bodymesh friendly for Jake, Gianni, Geralt, Davide, Slink, Legacy and Adam


►You get the following designs joined in a single mesh.
• All color combinations are done and can not be modified.

☞ Shirt&Vest -Luka
☞ Pants -Dexter
☞ Shoes -Wayfarer

►Glasses -Lennon- in a selected color combination
• HUD for Classes in order to control size, transparency and other tools


►DESIGNER’s CHOICE◄ is a collection of complete outfits styled by A&D Clothing’s designer.

Don’t get crazy trying to combine designs and colors….we did the hard work for you!

What you see is what you get in a single mesh.

→→→→→→→ CLICK n WEAR

Just pick up your favorite Designer’s Choice and wear it.

(All color combinations can not be modified.)

► Taxi to: A&D Clothing Main Store !!!

☞ Mesh 100% original →←

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